A Web App for Training & Higher Education from Chihippo Creations.

ClassMoto is a student engagement and comprehension classroom response and tracking system using class-time smart devices; for lecturers, teachers and instructors. 

How it Works

Teach a definable section of your lesson and on completion students vote on how they rate their comprehension and engagement in the module. Voting is then followed (optionally) with a teacher defined open ended question where the student types a response; or a multiple choice question answered by selection of one of a number of possible answers.

ClassMoto displays the results in easy to digest, quick glance, live Charts and question answer lists that allow teachers to understand their students’ engagement and make changes to the lesson to modify results. For you, the teacher, viewing the information is simple, with all feedback, module by module, displayed on screen in easily understood graphs and response lists, step by step as the lesson progresses. See whether the class has "got-it".

The realtime feedback data is presented by overall course, individual lessons, sections within lessons and by individual participants. You can view course Progress Charts for individual students and track their success or see where to give help. All data, for the whole course, is fully archived and detail can be viewed at any time. Graphs can be saved as images and used for analysis, reports, presentations and to monitor the results of changes and improvements to course and lesson structure.


Teachers' Sample Graphs


Students' Progress Graph

What it Does for You

ClassMoto allows you to hone your teaching style to produce the best results possible. Student participation is a critical element in engagement. As the class progresses students engage in live feedback through ClassMoto, providing you with instant data to assess whether a particular lesson module could better succeed if modified. No waiting for end of class or end of term surveys, you see data in real time as you teach. Evaluate your personal performance for peak results and watch your class achieve. Sustain your personal development. Student engagement is among the major defining outcomes of teacher effectiveness. ClassMoto encourages regular engagement by promoting attention at a micro teaching level, cutting through distractions.

Active Learning for Student Engagement

  Active learning is the process of involving all students in activities that encourage them to develop a deeper understanding of content by working with and reflecting upon the material being presented. With the active learning process, students transition from being mere recipients of information to being participants actively engaged with new information in a learning environment. Simply stated, active learning is anything students do during a class session other than passively listen to a lecture.   
Carolina Community College

 Teachers need to become effective evaluators of their own practice.
Professor John Hattie, Education Research Institute, University of Melbourne, Australia.

How we Use it

or Enterprise

ClassMoto can be used on any students' smart phone or tablet with the teachers' interface best viewed on a laptop or PC. For perfect compatibility use Google's Chrome browser . Available for Windows, Android or iPad and iPhone. ClassMoto can be used almost anywhere; classroom, meeting room, auditoria and more.   Users will require a Wi-Fi, or cable, Internet connection. Full instructions and help are available once you've logged-in.

The perfect tool for in-house training, meetings, conferences and lectures to gather audience feedback for any opinions or questions you want them to answer. ClassMoto can be configured for any location with a Wi-Fi, or cable, Internet connection, worldwide.

ClassMoto is perfect for meetings and lectures where audience participation is valued. 


ClassMoto is a SaaS web application in a secure SSL / TLS encrypted cloud server environment and platform indpendent. There is absolutely nothing to download and nothing to install. No IT department involvment. All you have to do is open a web address and log-in to begin. Couldn't be easier. Your data is safe too. ClassMoto backs up your data offline daily and you can request a 'step-back' or 'start-again' update if you so choose. We look after you.

 Directed Motivational Currents... requires a structure which is both salient and facilitative. This is created through setting frequent and varied sub goals which offer tangible feedback of progress. If our motivation peaks when we are approaching a goal, such proximal sub goals serve to keep motivation high and keep us looking forward, on towards the next step along the pathway. 
Professor Zoltán Dörnyei, Professor of Psycholinguistics, University of Nottingham, UK.

How do I Get it

ClassMoto will configure, set-up and host your personal system on the Internet, all inclusive. We include some personalisation that matches your organisations brand image and give you access to a teachers administration area where you define lessons and content. The students have their own user, registration and login pages. For larger systems there is a simple master administration page.

 It's an easy-to-use, simple interface for both teacher and student. Just talk to us and and give us some indication of your interest by clicking on the "contact" button below. ClassMoto is affordable. Let's communicate... 

There are many options that may suit you or your establishment. Single user, multi-user or whole of college; ClassMoto is flexible. We build a system version especially for you to use. Share your Single User system with another user in the same establishment, or any other location, even worldwide. All at reduced cost to you. Complete isolation between users. Feels and looks like two independent secure systems. Neither user can access the others data and setup. Try it now !

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Connect with your students in real time and see responsive data as the lesson progresses. Make last minute changes to lesson configuration based on what's happening; live. Analyse data results through graphs and question answer lists during and after the lesson and anytime in the future. Be a progressive instructor and keep your finger on the pulse of the class.